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What can I do with Parro?

With Parro you will receive class updates from your teacher and learn more about your child's daily life at school. The school can also add a calendar with school activities like field trips, parent-teacher conferences or volunteer requests. If enabled, you can contact your teachers or other parents using Parro's chat function.

Is the Parro app available in English?

Yes, it is! To receive an English version simply download the app (iOS or Android) and make sure your device's language is not set to Dutch. Any other language will do the trick.

In case you are using our webversion, you should check that Dutch is not included in the list of display languages. Note that is is not enough to make English (or any other language) your main language; if Dutch is included anywhere in the list, Parro will still display as Dutch.

Where do I get an account for Parro?

First you need to get an invitation mail from your teacher. Open the mail and click on the big green button to get started. Your child's personal connect code will be displayed, which allows you to create an account.

In the next steps you can choose your login and fill out your name to complete your account. You are now ready to follow your child's school adventures!

I'm having trouble, where can I get help?

Try to ask people around you for help. Your teacher or other parents will probably be able to help you set up your account or guide you through the app. If this doesn't work out, you can e-mail us at support@parro.com (English and Dutch only).

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