Parro supportFrequently Asked Questions

Getting started with Parro

  • Parro is a product that your school has chosen to use. Your teacher will grant you access to Parro, and you will receive an email with a unique link for your child. Via this link, you may create an account via de app or

  • With Parro you can follow the daily activities of your child at school. For example, you may receive photos or other updates from your child's group. Also, you can sign up to participate in activities at your child's school, or reserve your spot for parent-teacher meetings.

  • Parro is a quick, safe communication application. With Parro you have all school-related information with you at all times. Unlike with many other platforms, with Parro you do not need to exchange telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, so your personal information remains private.

Logging in

  • On the login page for parents, you can request a new pasword via the link 'wachtwoord vergeten'. The link is located on the bottom of the page.

    Are you still logged in and you have forgotten your password? First log out, then follow the aforementioned steps.

  • Via the settings menu (rightmost tab), you may view and edit your account information under 'Profile'. Click the pen icon on the right side of the screen in order to edit. On this page, you may edit your (display) name and password. You may also choose a profile photo, or delete a previously chosen photo.

  • Please first make sure that the e-mail was not marked as 'spam' by your e-mail provider, and that you didn't make any errors when typing your information in to reset your password.

    If that's not the case, then you probably do not have a Parro-account associated with that e-mail address. Perhaps you used another e-mail address when signing up for Parro. Check your inbox to determine if you have ever received a mail from Parro verifying your account. Search in your mail for 'verify' and 'Parro'.

    If you still haven't received the 'forgot pasword e-mail', you probably do not yet have a Parro account. Please contact your child's school for more information.

Adjust Parro to your liking

  • Certainly! Your partner can create his or her own account to stay informed. Your partner may use the same invitation code as you.

    By each using your own accounts, communication becomes much easier. The teacher can see, for example, who is responding to a message, and both you and your partner can keep track of what you have and haven't read.

    Is the invitation code no longer valid? Ask the teacher for a new code.

  • You can follow multiple children via your existing Parro-account. Once the teacher of your child has activated Parro for the group, you'll receive an email notifying you that you have access to an additional group in Parro. 

  • No worries, Parro deals with this automatically. Once you have a Parro account, the teacher can automatically transfer you to the new group of your child. As a parent, there's no need to do anything.

  • The teacher is usually the person who shares information with you via Parro. As default, your Parro-app is set to receive notifications and e-mails whenever you have missed a notification.

    As a parent, you can change your e-mail settings via the tab 'Notifications' and the fourth tab 'Settings'. For specific groups, you may mute notifications by opening the group and adjusting your settings within the group. You may do the same thing with (group) chats. 

  • Check first if you are using the Android or iOS Parro-app. The webversion does not receive any notifications.

    Then check to make sure that your device is not in energy-saving mode, which can sometimes block notifications. Finally, check if you have given the Parro-app permission to receive notifications in the settings panel of your device.

  • There is a web version of Parro available for the computer and Windows Phone, via

  • You may select your own profile photo and choose your own name. This way other parents/teachers will easily recognize you, and Parro gets a personal touch!

    To set your picture, go to the tab 'Settings'. Click on the camera-icon or the pencil next to your photo to choose a profile picture.

    The profile photo of your child is uploaded by the school.

  • Should you wish to clean up your list of groups, you may choose to unlink  from groups of previously school years. Do this via the available options once you have opened the group.

    The administration of groups during the current school year is determined by the teacher. Should an incorrect group appear in your list, ask the teacher to unlink you from that group.

  • As parent you may not reply to group announcements. If the teacher has allowed, you may 'like' an announcement.

    A group announcement is meant as one-sided communication. Were you able to reply, is the communication no longer an announcement, but a chat. For chats we have one-on-one and group chats available. Announcements are meant for teachers to be easily able to inform parents, without further discussion. The teacher is busy teaching your child!

  • At the moment, Parro's agenda is a stand-alone agenda. We chose to do this as Parro's agenda has unique features, such as confirming your presence by an event, signing up to be a volunteer, and signing up for parent-teacher conferences, which are not possible with other agendas.

    This makes synchronization not very easy. We aim to make this possible in the future.

  • Should you not require your Parro account anymore, you may choose to deactivate your account and remove all your information from our database. This option is located at the bottom of the profile page within the application. Go to 'Settings' (fourth tab) --> Profile and scroll down.

    By deactivating your account, you lose access to Parro and will therefore no longer receive e-mails from us. We ensure that your information will be deleted after the retention period, and until that time, will be safely stored. Should you change your mind, we can reactivate your account.